Personal characteristics of humans

Personal characteristics of humans is complex and difficult to know exactly how to encourage them to work hard, be honest and loyal. Possible solution to this problem can be overcome by focusing on the needs and desires of humans. 

Training needs arising from changes or improvements, or due to the rapid technological changes in market demand. Such changes will also involve changes in the production process and subsequent changes in the structure of the work. When the change in the structure of the work, the workers have to be retrained to learn new aspects of employment so that their skills and knowledge can be improved. 

Types of training mentioned is training to employees who have had a single level of skill where the training is carried out only to enhance the skills to continue to serve the organization. Another form of training is specific to new employees who do not have the experience or ability to do the job. 

Perhaps the style of teaching and learning is often associated with academic achievement by students and student acceptance rate of the lessons taught by the instructor. Instructor blamed if the downturn in student academic performance Institutionalised decision. In addition, the decline in the quality of teaching and learning instructors also questionable. Style of teaching and learning must be determined to suit the requirements, the scope of education and students' thinking nowadays. This means that to achieve the teaching style as suggested above, a form of professional training is required. 

Will arrive at a point where the holder of a master's degree and post-graduate academic qualifications obtained feeling good enough for them to do what they should. Ability level and their abilities as educators can be assessed when student performance is not as expected. 

The downside is, the students' instructor itself. However, no one can deny the instructor or student supervisors have acted as a good coach either intellectually or technically. Recognizing that there are certain limitations -batasan the job training program is essential. Aims; 

i. motivate students towards the development of personnel in order to provide excellent services to our students, the university and the community itself 

ii. instructor is responsible for the overall development of students 

iii. bring awareness to the instructor that instutisi training not only as educational institutions, but it is an organization in the community 

iv. encourage teachers towards in order to provide excellent services to our students, institutes and community 

A healthy environment is a factor that can promote the development of educators in an organization. Education plus have identified four environmental conditions that can promote the development of educators. The first condition is Warmath that feeling of ownership, and a support team of risk that may exist. The second is a concrete sense of the real and beneficial. The third is thought to enhance the understanding of students and curriculum goals. Fourth is the time for individual development requires some time to find their own needs. 

The quality of teaching is so important on the rationale that a developed country needs people educated and not just trained. In Malaysia, we are ranked about the imbalance between a focus on the quantity and quality as a graduate trainee in question even though the number who pass the training range is too many. 
Therefore, to improve the quality of students, the quality of teaching is also a need in the form of increase through professional training. Some say is the view of the three main categories in the field of professional training. The first is characteristic of trainee conceptual penglibatanya in 10 major function of the training; 

1 implementation of training 

2 preparatory training in terms of material or materials 

3 Self-management training 

4 surveillance training 

5. formulate management training 

6. analyzing training needs 

7 professional development 

8 setting organization 

Half the teachers can find work environment in ransangkan through; 

i. help educators to reflect on the experience 

ii align the program with the skills and training needs of educators 

iii allows educators to develop independently in interest 

       iv. provide a challenging but supportive of individual 

       v. pay attention to the development of individual educators as a group 

       vii. educators involved in the planning and direction of education. This allows educators to make an assessment of the career, behavior, experience, and the need for lifelong learning 

To perform an excellent education system and based on the National Education Philosophy, integrated education is the key mechanism. Particular attention is given to knowledge and skills, values ​​and language. These three factors combined through the core subjects, optional subjects and curriculum activities. Integrated curriculum is implemented through the teaching and learning process in the classroom or in the classroom.

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