Most Important is Human Resources

Resources of an organization's most important is human resources - people -People supplying organizations with work, talent, creativity and drive. Thus, among the duties of a manager's most critical is the selection, training and managing the people who can help the organization achieve its goals in the best way. Without those -People efficient, scalable management and even multinational organizations at all levels of the organization will pursue goals that are not right or found out just how difficult it is to achieve the right goals after goals that are set. 

 Academics assert that the two phenomena since lately has caused the management of multinational companies operating outside of the country to focus more energy on the management of human resources and give him a higher status. First, competition from foreign countries have been moving more efficiently-sized firms, especially those based in Japan and the United States is seeking to improve the systems of human resource management as a means to improve organizational performance. And secondly, the service-based economy and a growing high-tech, human resource management is a most needed for the success of the organization. 

Process pengstafan 

It can be seen as a step by step procedure continued as in Figure I always supply the organization that operates with the appropriate people in certain positions at a time. Steps in this process include 

1.1.1 Human Resource planning 

1.1.2 intake 

1.1.3 selection 

1.1.4 orientation 

1.1.5 Training and development 

1.1.6 The performance evaluation 

1.1.7 exchange 

1.1.8 separation or termination 

Kekolinearan multiple problems also arise because all fungsipermintaan for these workers took a similar independent variables. To overcome this problem, not all wage rates will be taken into account in every function request. The factors that will be included is the level of output (Y), the price of capital (ALR), own wage (Wi) and the wages of other workers (Wj). Here i j.Pemilihan wage Wj be made ​​by looking at the correlation between the rate of wage workers themselves with wages of other workers. 

The high correlation coefficient indicates both the wage rate has a strong relationship. The wage rate Wj be selected is to give the smallest correlation coefficient between the three options. Generally, the system simultaneously function to be used in this study is in the form as follows: 


PROF = f (Y, ALR, W1, W2) (16) 

SKILLED = f (Y, ALR, W2, W3) (17) 

NON-SKILLED = f (Y, ALR, W3, W4) (18) 

BPROF = f (Y, ALR, W4, W2) (19) 

Function of the demand for professional workers (16) will use the variable output level, the price of capital, the wage rate of professional workers themselves and also wages of skilled workers, as wages of other workers skilled rate selection is based on tests done by looking at the correlation coefficient smallest of its own wage with wages of other workers. 

The same tests were also carried out for three types of demand for other workers, and the results obtained are shown in the functions (17), (18) and (19), where the rate of wages of other workers for skilled labor demand function is the wage rate unskilled workers. Other employee wages for unskilled labor demand function will use the rate of non-professional management staff. Finally, the demand function for non-professional management staff will use the wage of skilled workers as wages of other workers. 

Production flexibility for working professionals are also great value, for example, when an employee is increased by one percent, the effect is an increase in output of 0.567 percent. Level of input use efficiency was also found competent professionals, and the firm will make a profit if the added amount pelcerja this. The rapid expansion in the automobile industry as well as heavy keanderaan such as buses and trucks has increased reliance on professional staff consisting of engineers, especially mechanical engineers. Here lies evidence that the manufacturing sector in this country requires an adequate supply of professionals to meet the demands of the motor car industry. 

 Skilled workers for industrial transport equipment was found to be important to influence the level of output. This shows a lack of skilled workers will not affect the development of production for the industry. Viewed in terms of its use, the available skilled workers in this industry are used efficiently, increasing one per cent of workers will cause an increase in revenue is greater than the additional costs involved. 

Demand for skilled workers will also be influenced by their own wages. Despite the negative sign for the coefficient of the wage rate found himself, as determined by demand theory, but its value is very small (0.2540) and not significant. Multinational firms will take skilled workers based on other factors, apart from wages. Unskilled wage rate as other such worker wage, found important in determining the demand for skilled workers. Positive relationship was found to show when the wage rate of unskilled pekerj increased one percent, then the demand for skilled workers will increase by 0.5 percent. Both skilled and unskilled workers in the transportation equipment industry is found replace the converted application. Therefore, firms can choose whether to take more skilled or unskilled workers. 

How to Exercise Training: 

                     i. Training at the project site (in-situ) 

                   ii. Training placements (attachment) in companies 

                 iii. Training placements in industry (processing) 

                 iv. Case studies of successful projects 

                   v. 'Coaching' by a senior member of the successful 

                 vi. Through member success stories 

               vii. The study tour 

             viii. Construction group (team building) 

                 ix. Through audio visual impressions 

                   x. Refers to models that have been adopted - SKLT Through Role Model 

Requirements for the management of human resources may not be the same with the real, but the organization is not planning for human resources issue will often find that they are unable to meet the needs of the overall goals effectively. For instance, a manufacturing company may hope to increase productivity by using new equipment using engineering member of white men and do not plan to take the women and members of minority groups are likely to be the defendant in a civil rights claim. 

 Human resource recruitment efforts are divided into four basic steps of future needs, future balance, recruitment and selection or dismissal of employees and development planning. Is odd if a company operating outside of the country of origin does not take into account the external environment of the organization, changes in technology, changes in the demands of trade unions from hiring and separation of employees.


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