Most Important is Human Resources

Resources of an organization's most important is human resources - people -People supplying organizations with work, talent, creativity and drive. Thus, among the duties of a manager's most critical is the selection, training and managing the people who can help the organization achieve its goals in the best way. Without those -People efficient, scalable management and even multinational organizations at all levels of the organization will pursue goals that are not right or found out just how difficult it is to achieve the right goals after goals that are set. 

 Academics assert that the two phenomena since lately has caused the management of multinational companies operating outside of the country to focus more energy on the management of human resources and give him a higher status. First, competition from foreign countries have been moving more efficiently-sized firms, especially those based in Japan and the United States is seeking to improve the systems of human resource management as a means to improve organizational performance. And secondly, the service-based economy and a growing high-tech, human resource management is a most needed for the success of the organization. 

Process pengstafan 

It can be seen as a step by step procedure continued as in Figure I always supply the organization that operates with the appropriate people in certain positions at a time. Steps in this process include 

1.1.1 Human Resource planning 

1.1.2 intake 

1.1.3 selection 

1.1.4 orientation 

1.1.5 Training and development 

1.1.6 The performance evaluation 

1.1.7 exchange 

1.1.8 separation or termination 

Kekolinearan multiple problems also arise because all fungsipermintaan for these workers took a similar independent variables. To overcome this problem, not all wage rates will be taken into account in every function request. The factors that will be included is the level of output (Y), the price of capital (ALR), own wage (Wi) and the wages of other workers (Wj). Here i j.Pemilihan wage Wj be made ​​by looking at the correlation between the rate of wage workers themselves with wages of other workers. 

The high correlation coefficient indicates both the wage rate has a strong relationship. The wage rate Wj be selected is to give the smallest correlation coefficient between the three options. Generally, the system simultaneously function to be used in this study is in the form as follows: 


PROF = f (Y, ALR, W1, W2) (16) 

SKILLED = f (Y, ALR, W2, W3) (17) 

NON-SKILLED = f (Y, ALR, W3, W4) (18) 

BPROF = f (Y, ALR, W4, W2) (19) 

Function of the demand for professional workers (16) will use the variable output level, the price of capital, the wage rate of professional workers themselves and also wages of skilled workers, as wages of other workers skilled rate selection is based on tests done by looking at the correlation coefficient smallest of its own wage with wages of other workers. 

The same tests were also carried out for three types of demand for other workers, and the results obtained are shown in the functions (17), (18) and (19), where the rate of wages of other workers for skilled labor demand function is the wage rate unskilled workers. Other employee wages for unskilled labor demand function will use the rate of non-professional management staff. Finally, the demand function for non-professional management staff will use the wage of skilled workers as wages of other workers. 

Production flexibility for working professionals are also great value, for example, when an employee is increased by one percent, the effect is an increase in output of 0.567 percent. Level of input use efficiency was also found competent professionals, and the firm will make a profit if the added amount pelcerja this. The rapid expansion in the automobile industry as well as heavy keanderaan such as buses and trucks has increased reliance on professional staff consisting of engineers, especially mechanical engineers. Here lies evidence that the manufacturing sector in this country requires an adequate supply of professionals to meet the demands of the motor car industry. 

 Skilled workers for industrial transport equipment was found to be important to influence the level of output. This shows a lack of skilled workers will not affect the development of production for the industry. Viewed in terms of its use, the available skilled workers in this industry are used efficiently, increasing one per cent of workers will cause an increase in revenue is greater than the additional costs involved. 

Demand for skilled workers will also be influenced by their own wages. Despite the negative sign for the coefficient of the wage rate found himself, as determined by demand theory, but its value is very small (0.2540) and not significant. Multinational firms will take skilled workers based on other factors, apart from wages. Unskilled wage rate as other such worker wage, found important in determining the demand for skilled workers. Positive relationship was found to show when the wage rate of unskilled pekerj increased one percent, then the demand for skilled workers will increase by 0.5 percent. Both skilled and unskilled workers in the transportation equipment industry is found replace the converted application. Therefore, firms can choose whether to take more skilled or unskilled workers. 

How to Exercise Training: 

                     i. Training at the project site (in-situ) 

                   ii. Training placements (attachment) in companies 

                 iii. Training placements in industry (processing) 

                 iv. Case studies of successful projects 

                   v. 'Coaching' by a senior member of the successful 

                 vi. Through member success stories 

               vii. The study tour 

             viii. Construction group (team building) 

                 ix. Through audio visual impressions 

                   x. Refers to models that have been adopted - SKLT Through Role Model 

Requirements for the management of human resources may not be the same with the real, but the organization is not planning for human resources issue will often find that they are unable to meet the needs of the overall goals effectively. For instance, a manufacturing company may hope to increase productivity by using new equipment using engineering member of white men and do not plan to take the women and members of minority groups are likely to be the defendant in a civil rights claim. 

 Human resource recruitment efforts are divided into four basic steps of future needs, future balance, recruitment and selection or dismissal of employees and development planning. Is odd if a company operating outside of the country of origin does not take into account the external environment of the organization, changes in technology, changes in the demands of trade unions from hiring and separation of employees.

Personal characteristics of humans

Personal characteristics of humans is complex and difficult to know exactly how to encourage them to work hard, be honest and loyal. Possible solution to this problem can be overcome by focusing on the needs and desires of humans. 

Training needs arising from changes or improvements, or due to the rapid technological changes in market demand. Such changes will also involve changes in the production process and subsequent changes in the structure of the work. When the change in the structure of the work, the workers have to be retrained to learn new aspects of employment so that their skills and knowledge can be improved. 

Types of training mentioned is training to employees who have had a single level of skill where the training is carried out only to enhance the skills to continue to serve the organization. Another form of training is specific to new employees who do not have the experience or ability to do the job. 

Perhaps the style of teaching and learning is often associated with academic achievement by students and student acceptance rate of the lessons taught by the instructor. Instructor blamed if the downturn in student academic performance Institutionalised decision. In addition, the decline in the quality of teaching and learning instructors also questionable. Style of teaching and learning must be determined to suit the requirements, the scope of education and students' thinking nowadays. This means that to achieve the teaching style as suggested above, a form of professional training is required. 

Will arrive at a point where the holder of a master's degree and post-graduate academic qualifications obtained feeling good enough for them to do what they should. Ability level and their abilities as educators can be assessed when student performance is not as expected. 

The downside is, the students' instructor itself. However, no one can deny the instructor or student supervisors have acted as a good coach either intellectually or technically. Recognizing that there are certain limitations -batasan the job training program is essential. Aims; 

i. motivate students towards the development of personnel in order to provide excellent services to our students, the university and the community itself 

ii. instructor is responsible for the overall development of students 

iii. bring awareness to the instructor that instutisi training not only as educational institutions, but it is an organization in the community 

iv. encourage teachers towards in order to provide excellent services to our students, institutes and community 

A healthy environment is a factor that can promote the development of educators in an organization. Education plus have identified four environmental conditions that can promote the development of educators. The first condition is Warmath that feeling of ownership, and a support team of risk that may exist. The second is a concrete sense of the real and beneficial. The third is thought to enhance the understanding of students and curriculum goals. Fourth is the time for individual development requires some time to find their own needs. 

The quality of teaching is so important on the rationale that a developed country needs people educated and not just trained. In Malaysia, we are ranked about the imbalance between a focus on the quantity and quality as a graduate trainee in question even though the number who pass the training range is too many. 
Therefore, to improve the quality of students, the quality of teaching is also a need in the form of increase through professional training. Some say is the view of the three main categories in the field of professional training. The first is characteristic of trainee conceptual penglibatanya in 10 major function of the training; 

1 implementation of training 

2 preparatory training in terms of material or materials 

3 Self-management training 

4 surveillance training 

5. formulate management training 

6. analyzing training needs 

7 professional development 

8 setting organization 

Half the teachers can find work environment in ransangkan through; 

i. help educators to reflect on the experience 

ii align the program with the skills and training needs of educators 

iii allows educators to develop independently in interest 

       iv. provide a challenging but supportive of individual 

       v. pay attention to the development of individual educators as a group 

       vii. educators involved in the planning and direction of education. This allows educators to make an assessment of the career, behavior, experience, and the need for lifelong learning 

To perform an excellent education system and based on the National Education Philosophy, integrated education is the key mechanism. Particular attention is given to knowledge and skills, values ​​and language. These three factors combined through the core subjects, optional subjects and curriculum activities. Integrated curriculum is implemented through the teaching and learning process in the classroom or in the classroom.

Percuma Panduan Di Jalan Raya......



    * Mempunyai lesen memandu
    * Mempunyai lesen kenderaan motor dan

             Pelindungan insuran
    * Motosikal berada dalam keadaa yang baik

             dan selamat digunakan

          * Mematuhi undang-undang lalulintas

             * Menunggang di sebelah kiri jalan atau

                gunakan laluan yang

               dikhaskan (jika ada)
             * Amalkan sikap bertolak ansur,bersopan

               dan bertimbang

               rasa dengan pengguna jalanraya yang lain
             * Patuhi had laju yang tealh ditetapkan pada
                sesuatu jalan

             *Tiga perkara asas perlu diingati untuk

               menunggang dengan selamat

                   i. Pemerhatian
                   ii. Penilaian
                  iii. Tindakan


      * Kualiti diperakui oleh SIRIM
      * Kemas, selesa dan kukuh buatannya. Topi

          keledar yang

   longgar adalah tidak selamat dan keadaannya

   sama seperti

   tidak memakai topi keledar
 * Berwarna cerah
 * Pita pemantul cahaya di bahagian belakang

    dan tepi topi

 * Ditukar jika terdapat kerosakan

Warna cerah membuat anda mudah dilihat
Antara bahagian yang perlu diperiksa
    * Brek
    * Pendikit dan cekam
    * Kabel
    * Tayar
    * Lampu
    * Lampu Isyarat
    * Hon
    * Rantai
    * Cermin
    * Minyak Enjin
    * Petrol

    * Bebaskan fikiran dan sesuatu yang boleh

       mengganggu tumpuan menunggang.
    * Jangan menunggang mengikut perasaan

       dan sentiasa mengawal emosi.
    *  Berhati-hati ketika menunggang di kawasan

       yang selalu  terjadi kemalangan.
    * Peka dengan keadaan jalan yang dilalui –

      licin, berpasir,

      berlubang, selekoh, air bertakung, simpang

      dan lain-lain lagi. ;


    * Gunakan kawasan rehat dan rawat yang

      disediakan sekiranya keletihan.
              * Menunggu di belakang rel

                 penghadang bagi menjamin

                       keselamatan anda sekiranya berlaku

              * Berhenti di tempat yang disediakan  

                 sekiranya hujan


    *Elakkan dan menunggang semasa berada di

     bawah pengaruh ubat yang dilarang oleh doktor.
    * Elakkan dan menunggang semasa berada di

       bawah pengaruh minuman yang memabukkan

       atau dadah.
    * Elakkan dan berborak dan merokok semasa

       menunggang motosikal.
    * Jangan Iibatkan diri di dalam perlumbaan haram.
    * Berikan laluan kepada pengguna jalan raya yang    

       lain terutama di lintasan pejalan kaki.
    * Perlahankan motosikal anda di kawasan-kawasan  

       sekolah,taman permainan, hospital, pasar dan
      kompleks membeli belah

If a robot link builder existed

Are you a human link builder? If so, ask yourself this: "if a robot link builder existed, what would I still be able to do that it could not?"
Analyze a complex backlink profile and distinguish quality links from spammy ones? Check. Write a funny personal email that gets someone's attention in the right way? Check. Decide when a phone call might be the best outreach method? Check.
And what could the robot do faster and better than you?
Find every link to a site? Check. Automatically search through SERPs and connect each result to external data? Check. Automatically search for contact information on three different pages and score how closely it matched a person's name? Check. Automatically pre-populate data fields in a CRM? Check.
If you've ever heard the phrase "build on your strengths," the lesson for link building is this: that we need to automate as much of the routine, "robot work" as possible, and spend more time doing what we're best at: being sentient human link builders.
In this post, we'll look at tools that can help link builders shift their workload to computers as much as humanly possible.
Backlink Data
Let's start with the most basic automation. You need tools to research sites' backlink profiles. These tools crawl the web and build a database of raw data about backlinks.
Each tool provides, at minimum, the ability to lookup a list of all the pages linking to a URL or domain, and some include detailed information about each link's anchor text, type (text or image), follow status, authority for the linking page, and in some cases the ability to group, sort, search, and filter the results.
  • Majestic SEO: A well-regarded index of link data with information about anchor text, authority, Class C IPs, and relevance, not to mention good sorting and filtering. My only complaint is that their pricing and user-interface is a bit confusing.
  • Open Site Explorer: A very user-friendly tool with anchor text data, follow status, and authority. The only downside is the index may miss some links in the "deep web."
  • Yahoo Site Explorer: Known for being relative fast to find new links (other indexes are updated monthly), but very limited because it can only return 1,000 links per page or domain and offers no "extra" data such as follow status or filtering capabilities. But it's free! Yahoo also offers an API (Yahoo BOSS), which according to many, is more current than the Site Explorer website.
  • Google: Yes, their "link:" operator leaves much to be desired, but just because it's incomplete doesn't mean it's useless.
  • Blekko: This new search engine offers tons of free backlink data available from a very deep index.
Site-Level Backlink Analysis
Many tools offer backlink reports at the site or URL level, but are limited to only the data points they have available. So then what do you do if you want to filter a site's backlinks down to only followed inbound links, with toolbar PageRank of at least 5, and no more than 50 outbound links?
Enter site-level backlink analysis tools. These tools gather traditional backlink data with a traditional set of backlink data, often pulled from one or multiple backlink data providers.
  • Link Diagnosis: Powered by Yahoo BOSS, Link Diagnosis uses a Firefox extension to pull up to 1,000 links per page and lookup metrics such as the toolbar PageRank of each URL, whether the link actually was found on the page, follow status, anchor text of each link, and aggregate level reporting.
  • BacklinkWatch!: Also powered by Yahoo, BacklinkWatch! pulls the first 1,000 links for a page (the most Yahoo will give up), and appends the number of outbound links on the source page along with any flags they find (nofollow, image links, etc.).
  • AnalyzeBacklinks: Simple and free tool that analyzes backlinks to a page and appends anchor text, total number of links, outbound links, title of the linking page. One feature I like is that ability to flag links that mention a keyword you've selected.
  • SEOBook Link Harvester: Shows backlinks grouped by linking domain, groups them by top level domain (TLD), and provides summary metrics about the number of incoming links and percentage of deep links to the page.
  • SEOBook Back Link Analyzer: A free downloadable tool that pulls backlink data from Google, MSN, and Yahoo, crawls the linking pages, and builds a table of information about each link including follow status, number of outbound links, page title, and more.
  • SearchStatus Plugin for Firefox: A free Firefox extension from iAcquire that pulls the backlinks from Google, Yahoo, and Bing.
  • SEOLink Analysis: Supplements lists of links produced by Google Webmaster Tools and Yahoo Site Explorer with information about each link's PageRank, anchor text, and follow status.
  • WhoLinksToMe: Produces various detailed backlink reports with views by link, anchor text, country, IP, and more. Many charts and graphs to aid in the analysis. Freemium.
  • Many enterprise SEO packages also offer data-rich site level backlink analysis, includingBrightEdgeSecondStep, RankAbove's DriveseoClaritySEO DiverSISTRIX Toolbox, andgShift Labs, and link building specific tools such as Advanced Link ManagerLinkdex and Cemper's LinkResearchTools offer powerful backlink analysis features.
SERP-Level Backlink Analysis
It seems like every link builder has a preferred set of data when it comes to competitive analysis. So don't expect any single tool to pull every conceivable piece of data and put them all into same columns you've always used.
You still may find yourself exporting data to Excel and merging with other data sources. But any time saved from manually copying and pasting data into spreadsheets (or hiring and managing people to do so) can be spent on more human, value-added activities.
Anyone without research tools for SERP analysis is at a competitive disadvantage.
Link Prospecting Tools
There are many ways to find link opportunities, and the tools listed below can only really scratch the surface when it comes to the universe of link opportunities that some creativity and insight can find.
  • Query generators are the original link automation tools. These tools take a keyword and automatically create dozens or hundreds of canned searches to find common link opportunity types (e.g. resource pages, guest posts, and directories). Here are a few of the most popular:SoloSEOOntolo's Link Query GeneratorSEOBook's Link SuggestBuzzStream's Link Building Query Generator (disclaimer: I co-founded BuzzStream), and Webconf's Backlink Builder. I would strongly caution anyone using a list of other people's queries to weed out queries that don't make sense for them -- don't just head down a link building path because a tool suggested you seek a link on every "inurl:links.html" page in your industry.
  • Link prospecting tools build upon the query generator idea, but automate the task of visiting each page in and compiling addition metrics (and in some cases, contact info). This can save link builders time by enabling them to prioritize prospects with the highest value. But you can't just take everything the tools give you. Plan to review each prospect to assess its appropriateness to your link building campaign. Here are a few of the most popular: Ontolo, Adgooroo's Link Insight, and Advanced Link Manager.
  • Cocitation or "hub finder" tools help you find sites that link to multiple competitors. Some look across all links to your competitors, and some analyze the top ranking sites for a given keyword. The best known offerings in this area are SEOBook's Hub Finder, Adgooroo's Link Insight, Raven's SiteFinderLinkResearchToolsLinkdexWordTracker Link Builder,SEODiver, and Shoemoney Tools.
  • Proprietary technique research tools use a combination of their own search queries and analysis rules to generate a list of screened, quality link prospect opportunities. Link Insight is known for integrating many of Eric Ward's (a.k.a., "Link Moses") research methods, though I wouldn't call it an Eric-SaaS just yet. Ontolo offers a number of proprietary searches, but also leaves a fair bit of detail and control in users' hands.
  • Checklist-driven link building tools give users bite-sized link building tasks, such as "Today you should request a link on DMOZ!" (except their suggestions tend to be more clever than that): LotusJumpHubspotDIYSEO, and SEOScheduler.
Next time, I'll cover tools that address contact research, link management (CRM), link outreach management, and link monitoring.
A note about some tools I won't cover: tools that scrape SERPs for sites and automatically extract email addresses and send blast mass emails, tools that automate directory submission, "article marketing," and blog commenting, services that automate blindly placing link-laden content on an unknown network of sites, or tools to automate reciprocal link exchanges. These tools exist and some people use them, but I have yet to find them to be beneficial.
The best strategy for using link building automation tools is to first develop a good process for tracking your link prospecting data and managing your outreach via a structured workflow. Once you have data and process in place, you can start automating some of your routine tasks.
The point of using great tools, whether it's an array of three 24" monitors on your desk, an Aeron chair, or fancy link building tools, is to eliminate energy wasted on low value activities, work in new ways, and free you up to focus on what you, the human link builder, is uniquely suited to do.

free backlink generator tools

Looking for awesome, time-saving and (moreover) for your link-building campaign? Your search ends here.
Blogging is certainly a tedious, tiring and make-you-exhaust job. Especially, when you have to fight over 100 Million+ blogs to make your blog stand out of the competition.
Despite the stiffness of the competition or hard work required, most of the bloggers put their best for their blog; only for the purpose of getting good amount of traffic.
But, blogging itself is made of rather fragmented tedious work.
And, one of those is none other than SEO. While SEO itself make most of us feel TIRED, one can’t still over-look it. If used properly, it can do wonders of wonders. SEO involves various strategies from Keyword Research and Optimization to Link Building.
While the former one take handsome amount of time, the later one–well no words for describing how much time it takes. As one needs to search for bloggers which allows do-follow link, leave back a comment, and hope that it gets approved.
I do respect for value of time. As most of you might be either school/college-going students or 9-5 Office-goers, there might be little time for both of these.
So here’s the instantly way of making good quality links with the help of:-

Free Backlink Generator

SubmitFish (also known as
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LinkMitter (Paid one)
So, here’s an gigantic list of free backlink generator. You can build many backlinks through it, and get good ranking at Google and other search engines. Or, you can even get backlinks through comments.
Have I lost any free backlink generator? Do mentioned it out here!

free SEO tools for your comprehensive search engine optimizatio

Webmaster and SEO Tools

Use our n, analysis and research.

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